True Beauty Webtoon Review

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A highschool girl decides to learn to do makeup so she can become outwardly pretty and avoid the stigma she used to get in highschool because she was “ugly”. She is hellbound on keeping her no makeup face from everyone at school, but low and behold the school’s hottest boy figures her out and they become friends.

Status: Ongoing

Genre:Romance, Drama, Comedy


# of episodes (for free in English): 32

* The episodes will become free every week, but you can pay to read them early.



This is a pretty solid WEBTOON. The narrative of what true beauty is and having someone love you for who you are rather than your looks isn’t really anything new. However, despite this narrative being quite common I do think this author is presenting it quite well. The author doesn’t focus on the MC ditching her makeup and realizing she’s beautiful just the way she is, instead the author shows that she is still able to show her no makeup face outside and even has the MC realize a passion for makeup artistry. All of those factors make true beauty a solid read, and my kdrama senses are anticipating this series turning into a drama one day. plus the MC is so damn relatable and hilarious af lmao. She’s a really lovable character and I think many of the readers will relate to her easily!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

I have no idea who that is, but the artist for this webtoon is amazing.


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