Seduce Me the otome 1 ( ALL DEMON ROUTES REVIEW) ðŸ‘º

Story Summary

Your grandfather passed away and leaves you his Mansion, so your dad basically forces you to move in there so you can get used to being independent (how fatherly). When you get there you see five incubi who are running away from something, and they start living with you. Drama and action unfolds but also romance.

Pros of the game overall

  • Completely Free gameplay
  • No wait time between chapters
  • The artwork is wonderful
  • Interesting storyline (sometimes philosophical)
  • Background music and sounds
  • Voice acting

Cons of game overall

  • It is not clear which characters are datable ( The first time I only assumed thst you can get a good ending with the incubis because I figured everyone else was friend zoned or an enemy. I only realized after finding the gallery which I also had a hard time finding.)
  • To be honest, that was my only problem and it could’ve possibly been my fault. This game is solid.


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Demon Routes (🔴SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!🔴)

🌚Please note that the second version of this game costs money and only the incubi men are routes there.🌚

  • James

  • I was immediately into James, I just have a thing for glasses ya know. He was my first route, and definitely pulls you into the game. James is the first born prince of the demon king, so he was to be next in line. Due to his important role, he was required to spend most of his time studying and training and didn’t get to spend lots of time with his brothers, so he joined them in the human realm so he can live a nice normal life away from all this stress and responsibility. He was also possibly required to marry a girl from a rival kingdom, and wanted to leave that as well. James is your usual bespectacled character, he’s smart and he’s a gentleman. He’s gotta be my favorite one.

    • Erik

    The play boy of the brothers is Erik, he’s also the second oldest. The closest replacement to James, so he also spent his life studying. His mother taught him seduction and how to treat women so he can get what he wants from them. His training made him put on this play boy act until it wasn’t anymore and it just became his personality. However, as you go through his route you start to see that he is more than meets the eye and that he’s not actually a playboy.

    • Sam

    Sam is the rough guy of the bunch, but possibly the sweetest. The reason he came to the human realm is because he wanted to be with his brothers…This boy is all about family and that is cute as hell. His route is pretty interesting, and he’s the fan favorite ( please don’t kill me Sam lovers but he didn’t really hit the spot for me). Also, I’m getting a feeling that he’s a bottom? I don’t know, they kept showing CGs of him bottoming.

    • Matthew

    I would give this boy my soul. Matthew is my second favorite and he’s the cutest guy but of course he prefers to be referred to as cool lol. Matthew has a soft spot for humans, to the point of liking them more than demons. He’s the second youngest, so he wasn’t supposed to learn to read or anything but we find out that he does in his route. In the route Matthew is seen as weak but the MC accepts him and doesn’t think that he is weak. He’s pretty cute and sweet overall.

    • Damien

  • Okay, so I wasn’t really a fan of the Damien route, and I’ll explain why. Damien is the youngest son and he is also a “bastard” child (born out of wedlock). In the demon world that’s a big deal. He was basically treated badly and his mom ended up killing herself because of how bad it was for her. It is said that the demon king apparently actually loved Damien’s mom the most, but I feel like if he did then she and her son should get better treatment from servants as well. Anyways, Damien also prefers humans to demons and doesn’t know how to read. However, Damien actually wishes he were human which is understandable considering what he went through in the demon world. In the route, the MC makes a deal with the succubus Diana to make Damien into a human and he gets his wish. What I didn’t like about this route is that Damien is almost rejecting himself, and that is being a demon. I was hoping that MC would At least talk to Damien before deciding on her own what is best for him or that Damien learns to love himself for what he is. After all, he loved his mother and she was a demon too just because there are problems in the demon world doesn’t mean he’s part of it or that he has to reject himself. However, I do understand why this might be the way the story went. I also couldn’t really put s finger on what kind of personality Damien had, so he was probably my least favorite route.

  • However, it is important to do his route because you learn a lot more about the demon world!!!!

    • Diana

    Her face might look like shrek here, but this is realistic af. No one looks good from that angle.

    Diana is the succubus that was to be betrothed to one of the brothers (other than Damien). She might seem like one of the villains, but she is simply someone who wants to keep the order and safety of the demon world and is willing to marry someone she doesn’t love for it. To get her route, you need to get the incubi to leave and make a deal with her and then she will teach you things and spend time with you. Diana also turns out to be the reason MC’s grandfather is dead. Diana used grandpa’s life force to get to the human world without being aware of his age and that’s why he died; MC finds this out but it’s a little too late because she loves Diana and Diana loves her. This route was quite interesting because it definitely made Diana seem less evil and make us see things from her perspective.

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