Top 5 Best free mobile Otome

Otome games are amazing and fun, but they can get quite pricey and some of us don’t really have the money. In my search for the best free otomes, I came upon quite a few amazing ones and thought I’d share them so we can all make our wallets a little happier.

  1. Samurai Love Ballad ( Otome) This game has many good points! First, when I downloaded it they had a promotion where you can basically go through the route for 48 hours without using up tickets. They also give out pearls (in game currency) and lots of things to help you through the game. The art is so good ( except for Hotaru’s extra good ending…he looks like he is eating the MC’s face). This game also has background music and voiced portions! Let me say it again, a free game with VOICE ACTING! Also, the amount of routes is astounding! Truly deserves the number 1 spot.
  2. Seduce me (Otome/GL)This game is completely free, there isn’t even an option to buy anything in this game. This game is so immersive because of its background music and COMPLETE VOICE ACTING ( in English btw). The art is also awesome in this game and I am so grateful it’s free, you also get save slots! Also most of the characters in the game are datable! ( Keep in mind that the second seduce me otome game costs about $10, but even if you just play the first one you’ll be fine!)
  3. Blood Domination (BL)This game is pretty good if i do say so myself. The art is wonderful snd the story line is fun. If you don’t get enough affection points, they still have a CG for the normal end as well! Another great thing is that you are able to watch ads for extra tickets, so you don’t necessarily have to go through the five chapters a day cliffhangers. You are also able to watch ads and do tasks to get rubies ( in game currency).
  4. A Wizardry Enchantement (BL)As you can see the art is pretty damn good. It has a good storyline. It also offers the task and ad exchange for rubies as well. This game also has fragments which you can exchange. By logging in daily you get good gifts and you get coins from the friends system as well!
  5. Terror Manor plus (Otome)Terror Manor is a “Horror” angsty otome game, and the story is pretty fun. The game has great graphics and you can get free coins from doing things like escape lessons or sending nice to friends. Each route is pretty different and you can tell lots of work went into that game. They also give you chips and fragments which you can trade for items like tickets or outfits. This game also offers the ad and task option to obtain rubies (in game currency).

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Best free mobile Otome

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    1. Omg thank you! I love you review tho. I gotta agree the MC for the samurai route is pretty weak, but once you finish one route from there you can go to the shadow routes where you can basically date ninjas! The MC is another girl and she’s much stronger and proactive because she’s a ninja as well! \(^0^)/


  2. I forgot to add that seduce me doesn’t have the five ticket system, so you can just read the whole thing in one go! It’s also not just mobile, you can get it from steam as well \ (•◡•) /\ (•◡•) /\ (•◡•) /

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