Top Ten Anime to get excited about this season! (Spring 2019 Has Begun!!!)

The Winter 2019 season brought us amazing titles like The Promised Neverland, Kakegurui XX, Dororo etc…However, that season is over and making way for spring 2019, and boy does it look promising!

Let’s get in the mood for the flowers to bloom!

Amidst all the anticipated Spring 2019 animes, I have handpicked ten of the ones with the most interesting art and story line! So sit back and enjoy the show!

  1. Bungou Stray Dogs (season 3)The third season of the anime with super powered detectives and gang members (who are named after multiple authors) has finally come! Genre:Action, Mystery, Seinen, Supernatural. Air Date: 04/12/2019 Studio: Bones

  2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No YabaiTanjiro and his family live in a society that never leaves at night, because of rumours about man eating demons and a demon hunter. One day, Tanjiro arrives home to the terrifying scene of all of his family dead aside from his sister who turned into a demon. The arrival of the demon Slayer who is trying to kill his sister adds salt to Tanjiro’s wounds, but the siblings start protecting each other and thus the demon Slayer takes them under his wing. Tanjiro then becomes a demon Slayer with the goal of curing his sister and finding his family’s murderer. Genre: Action, Supernatural, Historical, Shounen. Air Date: 04/06/2019. Studio: Ufotable

  3. Fruits BasketTohru Honda’s mother died and Honda becomes homeless, so she sets up a tent but it turns out she was camping outside the Sohma family estate. Shigure Sohma sees that Honda’s a damn good housekeeper, and they decide to let her live with them. However, the Sohma family’s got a secret curse that Honda had no idea about. Genre:Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural,Comedy, Fantasy. Air Date:04/05/2019. Studio:TMS Entertainement

  4. Ao-Chan can’t studyAo-chan’s dad is an erotic author, and Ao told the whole class loud and proud that he named her Ao because ” A as in apple and O as in orgy!” What a lovely father! Now, Ao is highschool and is haunted by this incident and wishes for nothing more than to go to an elite University and become independent from her dad, however with good things come sacrifices and Ao has no time for boys! One day Kijima confessed his love and Ao can’t seem to shake him off…worse part is she’s fantasizing about him, seems the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Genre: Ecchi (I’m giving ecchi a chance for once lol), comedy, romance. Air Date: 04/06/2019. Studio: Silver Link

  5. The helpful fox Senko-sanNakano, a salaryman who is working for an exploitive company is one day suddenly greeted by the oldest little girl (800 years), she decides to help out Nakano by cooking, cleaning and comforting his stress away (You’ll probably enjoy this if you like shows like Kobayashi’s dragon maid of highschool monster girls). Genre: Comedy, Romance ( hopefully not with Nakano), supernatural. Air Date: 04/10/2019. Studio: Doga Kobo

  6. Carole & Tuesday50 years after earth’s migration to Mars, where AI is the main producer of culture, and humans are content living their lives passively. Carole, a girl working a part time job to survive and is also trying to become a musician feels as though something is missing. Then there’s Tuesday, a wealthy girl who dreams of becoming a musician but has no supporters, she feels awfully lonely. These two seemingly different and yet so similar girls meet by chance, and become confident that they cans achieve their dreams as long as they are together. Genre: Music (I’m really giving my most hated genres a chance this year lol), Drama. Air Date: 04/11/2019 (There will be 24 EPS). Studio: Bones

  7. Joshi Kausei. There is no need to debate whether sub or dub is better for an anime with no dialogue. But is dialogue really necessary when you have those three friends who’s adventures and emotions are conveyed easily with no language. Genre: Comedy, School, Slice of life. Air Date: 04/06/2019. Studio: Seven

  8. Senryu GirlNanako is a special girl, she communicates in Senryu poetry (5-7-5 syllables). Although to most this way of communication sounds like an inconvenience, Nanako and her best friend Eiji (an ex-delinquent) feel as though it adds to their highschool experience as they run the literature club. Genre: Comedy, School, Slice of life Air Date: 04/06/2019. Studio: Connect

  9. Hitoribocchi no MarumaruseikatsuHitori Bocchi is a socially awkward girl who only has one friend, unfortunately when you rely on one person for too long it can be hard when they suddenly leave. Hi Tori promises her friend that she will make friends with everyone in her grade but that is easier said than done, she can’t make eye contact and doesn’t have the slightest idea on how to make friends…Will her persistence pay off? Genre: Comedy, School, Slice of life. Air Date: 04/06/2019. Studio: C2C

  10. Anemone: Eureka Seven Hi RevolutionThe main things I’ve heard about this movie is that it sounds pretty damn weird, but hey weird isn’t always bad ya know! This movie is about Animone who lost her dad in a Tokyo battle 7 years prior, now all she has is her stuffed animal and the AI concierge Dominikids for emotional support. Now, Animone is a key part of an experimental unit called “acid” which exists to battle the Eureka Seven, an enemy of humanity with the blood of 2.6 Billion on its hands. Humanity’s hopes and future depend on Animine as she goes through a dangerous journey diving through the depths of Eureka Seven.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Mecha (yet another genre I’m giving a chance), Sci-fi. Air Date: 11/10/2018 ( I think the eng release is coming out this season). Studio: Bones


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