Kakegurui Midari: Because even if you hate her, you love her. (Short Manga Review)

I love Midari so much, ever since her arc in the anime came up I smitten. She’s a crazy gal, but she’s fun…not to mention piercings on people are HOT! So you bet I was “Quaking in my boots” when I found out she had her own manga.


This is about Midari’s start at the student council. Midari becomes the leader of the beautification committee, but considering her attitude and appearance being so far off from the typical beautification committee members even…she gets some backlash from the older members. Midari ends up doing something that pushes them off the edge and now they gotta solve their problem through gambling.

Author: Homura Kawamoto

Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Drama

# of Chapters out: 10

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/ 5


First of all, this manga definitely highlights the crazy that Midari has but it shows another side to her. It shows a side that saved a girl from commiting suicide, and helped her out in many ways. Unfortunately, only ten chapters are translated but I’m willing to wait because it’s that good of a story. This will be obvious if your familiar with the other Kakegurui mangas, but the art is pretty damn good as well. In short, Midari is a queen and this is a damn good manga.

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