Top Ten Manga for When You’re in a Hurry

Reading Manga can be quite fun, but sometimes you don’t have the time to read 50+ chapters, or you’re just not feeling it. Here are my top picks for short mangas!

  1. Shiki no Zenjitsu This manga features multiple oneshots with a realistic feel to them. This manga is perfect for putting you in a nice relaxed mood, and is definitely fast paced without feeling rushed. Author: Hozumi Genre: Slice of Life, Drama, Josei, Shoujo. #. of chapters: 7

  2. Lovely Short Short Lovely Short Short is a compilation of short stories full of girl in love and cute moments with their love interest. Every story will put a smile on your face, in short this manga is so cute! Genre: Romance, Shoujo, One shot. Author: Tsukishima Miho, Iwai Aki, Aya Haruto, Kou Furusato,Rukana. # of Chapters: 5

  3. Neko to KurasuThis is a purrfect manga for cat lovers! It consists of two stories about cats impacting their owners’ lives. Genre: Slice of life, one shot, Tragedy, Shoujo. Author: Mihoko Kojima, Chihiro Hayashida. # of chapters: 2

  4. Damage DanshiThis one cracked me up so hard! It’s about a girl who loves her childhood friend, but the catch is that when he takes damage he becomes hot temporarily. Then one day, he wouldn’t turn back! Genre: Comedy, Romance, One Shot, Shoujo. Author: Ai Nimoda, Haruhi Kasuga. # of chapters: 1

  5. MoekoiKokoa is having a tough time because her boyfriend is a total Otaku, he doesn’t say he loves her and instead describes her using the word “Moe”. With no romantic experience, will she be able to handle the 2D competition? Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy, Drama. Author: Sakura Yukimori. # of chapters: 4.5

  6. Love DinerTwo office workers order the same meal at lunchtime, how will their romance turn out? I’ll be honest, the art is what pulled me in not the storyline. Genre: Seinen, Romance, Drama, Slice of life, Oneshot. Author: Takumi Inoue. # of chapters: 1

  7. School Girl’s real loveThis manga consists of different school romance stories. It’s a cute manga without the torture of wanting the characters to get together over 100 chapters. Genre: Shoujo, Romance, School, Slice of life, One shot. Author: Iwai Aki, Rukana, Ria Sakura, R.M-san. # of chapters: 3

  8. Please don’t look, Medusa-sanThis is probably one of the shortest ones on this list (it’s only 4 pages). However, it’s a cute story about a girl who has the powers of petrification because of her snake hair. What will happen when someone looks into her eyes. Genre: Supernatural, Shounen, Slice of life, One shot. Author: Miyuki Tonogaya. # of chapters: 1

  9. Ossan to Shoujo MatomeThis is a fully colored manga about a little girl who is in love with her Butler, who sees her as his daughter. It’s adorable and pure ( ´∀`). Genre: Shoujo, Slice of life, Comedy, One Shot. Author: Mitsuki. # of chapters: 1

  10. Omaejan This manga is a very short one about a guy who’s pretty damn direct about his feelings. Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of life, Shounen, Oneshot. Author: Kou Suzumoto. # of chapters: 1 (literally 4 pages)

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