Mangas That Make You Go “WTF…?”

These mangas range from an old man seducing an angel and goes all the way to a human pet owned by a dog…Granted, some of these mangas, weird as they are are pretty gosh darn entertaining; here they are:

Plus-Sized Elf

First and foremost, no this is not hentai or an ecchi… it’s not written that it is anyways. It’s basically about this elf that loves fries (same girl same!), but the elf world doesn’t have fries so she travels through a bridge that checks her weight. She must lose weight to return home, and she does…but she gains it all back. The way I described it is normal, but it’s one of the weirdest mangas I have read (they do have some good fitness tips in there).

Chubby Cinderella

There’s an Otome game called “Burn Your Fat With Me”, in which an ikemen encourages you to lose weight by making fun of you. This manga is basically another way to tell that story, the boy really ain’t shit.

Maria Sensei Wa Imouto Gashizei!

This is a teacher student romance, but weirder. Maria-sensei always cries, blushes or runs away from this delinquent looking student. At first, the student assumes it’s because of his scary face and he feels bad, little does he know she runs away because he looks like her brother. Yes, the teacher has a brother complex and to make it even weirder the student is chill with her calling him “Onii-Chan”. Some people like to call their man daddy, but this manga is all about calling your man “brother”.

The Beast and His Pet Highschool Girl

Lila, a human finds herself in front of a furry-like dog and has no idea where she got there. Originally, she was a high school girl living a normal life but I guess she was transported into this world where she’s basically a pet human for a dog. I don’t really think I need to spell out what’s weird here, but to make it worse they apparently eat humans as well (What in the promised Neverland???).

Ojiichan Shinanai

The angel was supposed to carry this old man to the afterlife, but she isn’t able to do it. Why, you ask? It’s because the old man was too sexy, that when they had one kiss she passed out…now they live together. I don’t even know anymore…I did read every chapter available tho (ʘ‿ʘ).

I think that’s enough mental scarring for now.

4 thoughts on “Mangas That Make You Go “WTF…?”

  1. This is why I love manga.
    One of the weirdest I read was Midori Days, where a girl was in love with a boy in her school so she made a wish and woke up as his right hand. Like a puppet doll but permanent, LOL

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