Torture Tournamet Manga Review!

I’m back! Finals were actual hell haha; so befitting my horrific finals I decided to come back with a horror manga review! I’m pretty excited to tell you about this manga because it’s interesting as hell!


Shunsuke Ohta ( MC) sees a man who looks exactly like himself commiting suicide at a train station. He soon realizes that his double’s phone ended up in his hands, and to his surprise he finds a countdown to a torture tournament even. At first he doesn’t take the countdown seriously, but he gets kidnapped by the organizers and forced into the tournament. Faced with the ethical dillema of having to hurt people and the dillema of his family being in danger, what will Shunsuke do?

This manga is based on a web novel, but I have no idea where to read it. So if you’re able to find it please do tell (ಥ﹏ಥ).

Author: Aoisei

Genre: Horror, Adult ( some nudity towards the end but mostly no nudity), mystery, seinen, action

# of chapters: 4 volumes 19 chapters

Status: Complete

Review ( No Spoilers)

This manga is pretty enjoyable, and you’ll definitely enjoy it if you’re into something like Danganropa. The MC is pretty annoying at first, he seems insecure and that makes him do rude things to “save face”, like even things that are not that big a deal which is annoying to me. However, the torture tournament somehow turned him into a better person lol, he became less of an asshole. I also enjoy the fact that the character is faced with an ethical dilemma that he has to somehow get himself out of, and the characters decisions when face with some darn difficult decisions are definitely not what I would usually expect as a shounen, Josei, shoujo etc… reader.

My issue with this manga is that it kind of ends on a cliffhanger, but I’m assuming that the cliffhanger is probably continued in the novel. However, considering the fact that I have no idea where it is, I’m simply left wanting an explanation.

Another thing I did not like, which is really a preference if anything is the nudity scenes at the end. Don’t get me wrong, nudity is chill but my problem is that the scene was difficult to read because the girls did not want to be put in that situation. I’m personally not extremely affected by scenes like that, like I’m definitely grossed out and disturbed but I can handle it. However, if you really can’t handle scenes like this I do not recommend you read this manga. We do have to keep in mind that it is horror, and something like that is horrific so it makes sense for it to be there.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

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