Liar! Uncover the truth Otome route!

If you like Otome, and you like games like Ace Attorney, then nothing is a more perfect fit for you than Liar! Believe me! This game is one of a kind! The English version of the game currently has three routes: uncover the truth, Office and the college version. I urge and recomend starting with Uncover the truth.


The MC is living her best life, she has a dreamy boyfriend, great friends and is doing amazing at her dream job as a wedding planner. One day, she starts finding hints and clues that her boyfriend may be cheating…and surprise surprise, he IS cheating! The MC works her magic and exposes his ass, and vows to never be tricked again.

Then, she decides to go to a singles party to find her dream man but she meets a fortune teller who tells her that she will meet 10 men at the party that will try to pursue her (popular queen [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]). The catch is that 9 of these men are no good liars, but one of them is her very trust worthy soul mate. Your job as the player is to use ur detective skills to uncover the lies and find the MC’s honest soulmate!

Keep in mind that although the MC has one soulmate in the game, some of the other characters have a lovers route that can be played if you pay for it. So, if one of the guys catches your eye but he’s not the last one standing you can still choose them. Also, most of the guys don’t have a route but that’s because the ones without a route are completely unredeemable and there really is no way to create a good route for them.

Full Walkthrough Link 😉 for when you’re stuck ( extremely Helpful!!!)

Spoiler Free Review

*This review is gonna be for the overall game and won’t really go in depth regarding each liar, so if ya want a more comprehensive one, just look at the one with spoilers!*

The gameplay is wonderful! You get to text the characters, and see their “Friendbook” as well and you can save pictures and take screenshots from them to use as evidence. You also get to collect evidence from places like the character’s room or where you’re going on a date. Sometimes the things they say will be added to your notes and that will give hints as to who the liar is.

When you finally find the liar, you will present evidence to support your case and you will have a multiple choice thing to basically say something or add to your argument. When you finally bust the liar’s ass, you will get a grade and depending on what grade you get (S or A-C) you can access different endings to read.

True end: Basically the backstory of why your character is the way they are.

Secret end: Similar to the true end except it’s the present and shows why they chose to deceive you specifically.

Scum end: It’s an end that shows them coping terribly with losing you after you bust them. (pretty high on the depressing scale)

Love end: Shows what it would be like if the liar cut the bullshit and earned your love back.

Bad end: Shows what happens if you weren’t able to bust the liar and actually ended up with them as they are. ( I recommend you especially read the bad end for the 1st liar, please suffer as I did)

Well, what can I say except this route is wild as hell. The MC is a no bullshit type of gal and I love that, it’s fresh to see this type of personality in game. The MC in the game is also not your typical Otome MC that’s willing to accept guys with terrible qualities, this one actually goes for good guys which in my opinion makes this Otome one of the least cringy ones to date.

Now for the guys, oh lord. The game has all of these “ikemen” fellas, but when you figure out that one of em is a liar all hell breaks loose. The writer’s honestly did a great job, because this hot guy who you thought was great before ends up showing their true colors and suddenly you’re not even that mad that the MC doesn’t end up with him. The only issue I have is that the game starts you off with the wildest, most terrible guys and then at the end the liars tend to be a bit more tame, which might make you feel a bit underwhelmed. However, I understand because the men at the end are the redeemable ones that you can actually go on to the lovers route with.

All in all, play this game you will enjoy it!

Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 Great Game Overall!!!


1st Liar: Mama’s Good Little Boy

They really wanted to start off the game with a bang, because this first liar had me shook. Shuto, Shuto, Shuto wtf man? To be honest, I didn’t really like him at all and I didn’t think he was attractive or a good fit for the MC, so when he got voted off first I was like YES!!! Anyways, Shuto is 100% a mama’s boy and I’m so glad MC got him. However, I definitely did not expect this Mama’s boy scenario to be borderline Oedipus Complex. I mean Shuto bathes with his mother???? His mom doesn’t want him to date because she wants him to herself???? Him and his mother sleep together and she has this see through nightgown on???? Talk about creepy….Hey at least Oedipus didn’t know he was married to his mom. Anyways, I recommend reading the Bad end for this because it’s so friggin creepy, and the true end as well because it does give perspective as to why he is this way (not that it made this any less creepy).

2nd Liar: Anger Management

The second liar made me nervous for a bit. When the MC went up to him and showed that she knows he is a no good liar, Toya was looking pretty mad…I thought he was ATTACK! However, they don’t exactly show these type of scenes in the otome…Although they kind of do in the true end. Basically, he beats up his girlfriend’s lover and his girlfriend gets pretty shaky. I didn’t expect Toya to be the angry one, I actually didn’t really suspect him until the end. I also wasn’t too bothered by his leaving so early because I just can’t see him as a good fit for the MC.

3rd Liar: Pop Idol Obsessed?!

If you’re a kpop fan like me, you’ve definitely heard cases of fans doing some crazy things to get closer to their idol. In fact, some fans try to find “replacements” who look like their idol or some become only attracted to Korean people…so it’s kind of disturbing. Incidentally, Joe the third liar did just that. He got closer to MC because she resembles his favorite pop idol “Nanyami”. I’m not gonna lie, he had me for a second because he is a designer so giving the MC a tight dress to wear didn’t strike me as him trying to figure out his size so he can dress her up in Nanyami’s clothes. Ugh so creepy! I do recommend reading the true end for this liar because it offers some context. However, like all the liars before him…It won’t make him any less creepy.

4th Liar: Money Can’t Buy Me Love

One of the people you should never date is someone who will put you in debt…AKA Keima. Keima is a hardcore gambler, and he has a large and I mean LARGE debt from betting on horse races. I was seriously rooting for this man because he seemed perfect for MC. They were in college together and they started meeting up again, apparently he liked her in college as well, so you can see why I thought he was great for her. Keima does not have a lover’s route, but he does have a short preview of one. I played the short preview and I think he’s redeemable to be honest. I mean, the MC told gave him a time fame in which he can come back to ask her out as long as he is debt free. So, Keima worked his ass off for redemption and actually came back to ask her out again. I found that cute and think that he did manage to redeem himself.

5th Liar: Cheaters Never Prosper

The Prologue to Liar! Uncover The Truth shows us that MC was already cheated on once, so she wouldn’t feel so hot being the side chick this time. Kunio, who was seriously one of my favorites turned out to have a whole ass family while he was trying to get with MC. This fella had a whole apartment so he can have his affairs without being caught, too bad the MC got him lol.

6th Liar: It’s a Family Affair

From the 6th liar onwards, you are able to purchase a lover’s route for the characters. Haruichi caught my eye from the start so I purchased his route. Haruichi was a great fella, however he is the son of the head of a mafia family. So the MC, being a character who isn’t into crime bosses unocovers the lies and breaks it off with him. As bad as this sounds, Haruichi is a redeemable character….I PROMISE lol.

7th Liar: Dangerously Addicted

This time the MC suspects that one of her potential suitors is a drug addict. It turns out that the addicted fella is Kazumi…who happens to be one of my favorites as well. However, because Kazumi has a lover’s route…there is always a twist. Kazumi actually has cancer and those “drugs” are medicine. The MC feels bad, but in the end they decide to break it off and she goes on to the 8th liar. Honestly, don’t really feel like that’s a reason to break it off, because cancer doesn’t always equal death. On the other hand, he did say it was a pretty late stage so it’s a somber route. I don’t know how the lover’s route will be for Kazumi, but I do plan on playing it.

8th Liar: Stuck in The Rat Race, Chained to the Desk

Well…well….well Azusa is a whole ass scammer lol. Honestly, I have no idea how he will redeem himself from this. But basically Azusa has been dating girls and promising them marriage, and telling them to send him money so he can set up the wedding or to get them to pay for his expenses under some random excuse. The MC obviously couldn’t stand for this and exposes his ass before he scams her as well. Again, I literally have no idea how his lovers route will be, nor do I find him a good fit for MC. But, I sure as hell am curious as to how it will end so I’ll probably play this one as well.

9th Liar: A Date With Destiny

“Drumroll Please!!!” The last liar is Sotaro!!!! Thank God!!! I DO NOT like Sotaro. The MC made it clear that she does not want to date divorced men, but Sotaro was divorced more than once and she found out! So she goes there and exposes him and all that. Honestly, as much as I feel that being divorced isn’t really a big deal and a lovers route is fine for Sotaro…I just don’t like his character one bit and to be frank…I wish he would’ve left earlier. With that being said…I’m still playing his lovers route lol…out of pure curiosity.

The Final Man!

Itaru is a perfect fit for MC, but he is sorta kinda boring. I think his lover’s route will probably be fun to play, but in the Liar! route…he was just not it for me. I also mixed him up and Keima quite a few times because they’re so similar and boring, but ironically enough both made me think they were suited for MC. So if Keima wasn’t a gambler, he’d be another Itaru. Overall the game was honestly amazing, and I can’t wait for the office version!

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