Sarazanmai: Great Anime, Terrible Preview

Sarazanmai is one shitstorm of an anime; it’s definitely weird and crazy but it’s pretty damn good. However, when I saw the preview I was honestly like “wtf is this dry ass shit…?”. First, the preview doesn’t capture the craziness and the fun aspects of the show… Don’t get me wrong, the serious aspects are wonderful but a preview that’s doesn’t capture the essence of the show is not really a good one, and this preview sure as hell didn’t make me want to watch the show. in all honesty, the thought that I would have missed this gem pains me so (ಥ﹏ಥ). Now, with that being said: Let’s explore this masterpiece in gifs and reviews!

You can watch the trailer by clicking here: Tell me if you think it’s bad or if I’m just overexagerating.


Kazuki, Toi, and Enta get turned into a Kappa after Kazuki and Toi break the statue of the Kappa who happens to be the guardian deity of the city. The creature that turns them into Kappas is called a Keppi and he orders them to fight against the Kappa Zombies who are bio-arms created by the Keppi’s arch enemies. Keppi also makes it so that they can only turn back into their human form, after defeating the zombies.

At first, the Entourage is able to defeat the zombies but at the end they must make a sound called “Sarazanmai” to deal in the final punch…The catch is that everytime they do it, one of their secrets is revealed. On the bright side, everytime they defeat the zombies they get a plate of hope that can make their wishes come true! Now, the boys will keep fighting the zombies in the hopes that their wishes can come true.

Season: spring 2019

Episodes Out: 6

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Comedy, Coming Of Age, Supernatural

All credit for this image to Andressina on Deviantart!!!!

Review! (No Spoilers!)

I’m sure you’ve already guessed from my little speech above, but I honestly LOVE this show!!! It’s all about relationships and connecting, but with a fun twist of the characters turning into cute kappas. In all honesty, the synopsis and the preview don’t do justice in terms of how entertaining the show is. I mean…even just the transformation scene is hilarious!

The anime also discovers some issues and scenes that I want but would never expect in a comedy anime, and especially not a PG-13 one (I‘m looking at you episode 2!!!). Overall the characters are wonderful, and it’s interesting to see whether their love is actually love or simply desire, not to mention the amazing music in the anime! The songs have been on repeat ever since I watched the first episode.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

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