Top Five Anime Tropes I Dislike a Lot

There are some pretty cool anime tropes out there, but some anime tropes are just not it for me and possibly other people…in all honesty I think those anime tropes are plain, annoying and too overused. So, with that in mind here are my “top 5 anime tropes I dislike a lot”.

  1. Tsundere

I don’t think much needs to be said about the accursed tsundere, they’re so annoying. Whenever I watch an anime with a tsundere I’m always getting annoyed at their character, and seeing them in most anime is definitely not making it any better.

2. Over-powered main character (One Punch Man doesn’t count lol)

As much as I love Mob Psycho 100, it gets kinda boring when mob always jumps in to save the day. Also, the random power boost of grit and friendship at the end makes me facepalm. I really think Someone should learn from Kuroko no Basuke, when the team lost they trained and came back harder; that type of arc is more exciting than always winning…I want to be surprised ya know?

3. Dumb girls falling in love with assholes (I’m looking at you…Shoujo Anime (ง’̀-‘́)ง)

Well, I have no idea why or how I sit through these animes. Obviously this trope isn’t limited to just Shoujo, but I do see it in Shoujo often. This trope is simply not it lol; it’s full of main characters who constantly hurt the main girls’ feelings, and side characters who are wonderful but don’t get the girl because “nice guys finish last”. Here’s an idea, how about for once let the girl end up with a good fella…like a plot twist, where the side character is actually the main.

4. Yuri always being edgy af ( please let these girls fall in love without the depression…Please)

I’ve seen my share of Yuri (very few because the market is already scarce). I always come in ready for a nice romance anime, because the synopsis sounds good but then whenever I watch the anime I’m hit with Koi to Uso level of sadness and wtf factors. This wouldn’t be a problem if there were at least a few more yuri animes that feature a normal cute love, but instead we get Citrus and Happy Sugar Life…

5. Excessive Fan Service

There’s a reason why fairy tail is the image I’m using for this lol. I know some people enjoy it, but I feel like fan service is just fillers and it adds nothing to the plot. I’m also chill with fan service as long as it’s in moderation, but some shows take it to the extreme and I start to wonder if I’m watching ecchi.

Well, that’s really about it! Here goes my 3 minutes of complaining lol.

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