Meganebu! Yes a whole deep ass anime about glasses

To be completely honest my first thought when I found out this anime was about glasses was a “FUCK YEAH! GLASSES ARE AMAZING BRO!”. I, myself am a glasses wearer and even if I wasn’t…I would still wear them just for fashion. Glasses were my favorite accessory even as a kid…so you could probably assume just how hyped I was for this anime.

However, I was definitely not ready for the feels train I got from each episode.

Yes, indeed I cried a little…


Five boys (who wear glasses) are part of their all boy’s school glasses club. Their goal in this club is to create x-ray glasses that will see through anything ( like clothes…these perverts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). This anime follows their time together as they rave about how amazing glasses are and work hard to create their X-ray glasses.

Non-spoiler Review

As boring as the summary sounds, this anime really warmed my heart up. The boys are so energetic and hilarious, they made me love my glasses all over again. Every episode has something unexpected and yet hilarious, with many references and crossovers thrown in there. I originally watched this anime while I was in highschool, but I ended up watching it a second time as a college student now…and honestly it was just so heartwarming that it made me tear up to remember my time in highschool with all the good and has things. I think this anime is an essential one to watch because it’ll fill you up with nostalgia and really make you feel that “school youth” vibe from it.

I’m telling you…the right pair of glasses will really accentuate your features (ง’̀-‘́)ง


Where do I even start? This anime was good from the first episode to the last one. The first episode starts off hilariously with our protagonist dreaming that his X-ray glasses were a success and showing it off to his whole school and then getting applauded for “fulfilling the dreams of all men”…aka seeing under clothes LMAO. Then, you see the boys get into all sorts of trouble with the student council who is (understandably) mad at the glasses club for blowing up their rooms when doing club activities, and then they do this whole jumanji crossover but with glasses and even see off a ghost that was haunting his old friend’s glasses. All of this leads up to the festival in which the boys get the whole school to wear glasses!!!! Yay!!!! Then we find out that the protagonist was making those X-ray glasses for his blind brother…and when I tell you I CRIED…I mean it.

It is such a beautiful anime, and I recommend it so much! I didn’t spoil everything obviously, because I still want you to enjoy it on your own. But I do hope this have you a feel for it!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

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