Violent Evergarden is coming back, and my eye sockets are ready to be filled with tears.

The reddit thread I got this from is interesting to read, so click on the image and check it out.

Everyone that has watched or read Violet Evergarden can attest to how emotional this anime was and the beauty of this story. Season 1 was amazing, and it left people hoping for a season 2. However the studio decided to come out with a movie in 2020.

From the preview it seems that the movie may be a recap, but it just makes no sense to have to wait that long for a recap. I’m personally crossing my fingers and hoping that it is not, because honestly most people would rather have a continuation than a recap, in fact I think a continuation is needed with the way the anime ended.

Watch the trailer here

While looking through the YouTube comments of the video and browsing to get more info, I have found out that the studio is working on various animes at the moment which could be the reason for a delay, but recaps require little effort because the animation is already there and it takes a little editing to out together, so I’m still sticking with the fact that it is not a recap, but a continuation. I’m also assuming that they wanted to announce the release early to get a lot of hype, and that there will be another trailer that actually tells us what the movie will be about and hopefully offer more clarifications.

I just wanted to share the wonderful news, and I think I will update this post with more info as it comes out. Hopefully, my prediction of a continuation turns out to be correct!!!


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