Yuka Takaoka…A Morbid Otaku Fantasy

Well, I’ve made a post before about The Stigma Against Otakus, and explained the story of the “Otaku Murderer”…However, I say this with a heavy heart…it seems we have another one on our hands. Yuka Takaoka stabbed her boyfriend in their apartment, and when asked why she did it…she responded, smiling “Because I loved him too much”.

Apparently, Yuka stabbed him and then wanted to take her life as well. The police have found out that her victim apparently had fairly intimate pictures with another woman and this might be why she did it. However, both of them work in the host industry and such pictures shouldn’t be that surprising, since it is technically a “red light district” job even though they’re not expected to offer sexual favors. I personally think this is probably something that happened on a whim, because it doesn’t seem as though it was planned; if it were planned she would have been able to actually land a killing strike and, she wouldn’t have immediately called he police and told them about what she did. Now, I won’t say she called them due to guilt because as we know she was smiling in the police car…However that is another sign that this murder was not planned.

There have also been some speculation that her victim had been taking advantage of her, however all I could find on this matter is simply a comment online from someone who seems to be a sympathizer. My take on this is that regardless of what happened, she did not seem to be abused and thus this crime was not self defense…therefore she has no justification for murder.

As of now there are a lot of Speculation about the victim’s condition. I asked around and finally acquired news from a reliable source. The person shared a Japanese article with me and said that the victim basically died but was revived and is passed out in the hospital, but nevertheless alive! I browsed through the article myself to make sure, but because it is in Japanese…I pretty much had to use my automatic translator and tried to decipher the article using that method, and it seems that this person was correct.

I’ll also add that every person who told me they died have simply said it was hearsay, and thus there is more evidence proving that he is alive.

If you do know how to read Japanese, and find this information false please reach out to me using a contact form or by commenting below.

Japanese Article Link

Honestly, I was in the middle of writing an anime review when my friend sent me the news, and I really wasn’t going to talk about it until I did my research and found that people have been calling her a “real life yandere” and have been praising her. I’ve seen multiple articles regarding this woman and her deluded followers, and so I did some digging and to my utmost disappointment I’ve found sympathizers, some who have allegedly said that they her to stab them. I don’t know if Yuka was inspired by anime yandere or what, but she has cosplayed as yandere characters so this could be one of the factors in her twisted way of conveying her love. However, I will always stand by the fact that entertainment is not to be blamed and that this issue needed to be solved within the people. Yuka is clearly someone who is very very very disturbed, and unfortunately they didn’t get her in time to save her victim’s life. Now, after commiting this heinous act regardless of her state of mind she must be punished by going to prison. Unfortunately, her sympathizers think otherwise…and have created a petition to bail her out. I’m personally hoping this is someone’s sick joke and not an actual thing…if it is real, then GoFundMe should probably take it down.

While researching her fan accounts and posts regarding her, I found her account and noticed that she has reached quite a spike in follower count and audience engagement… it’s sickeningly hilarious how she gained fame from such a tragedy…

I hope this reaches some of her supporters, so I have a few words. First of all, you should all value your life more…wanting to be stabbed by her is not a good thing and it’s not cute. I truly hope that you seek help from a psychiatrist or a psychologist because your lives are worth a lot, there is no shame in seeking help. Lastly, I’d like it if the victim could get some respect, he surely doesn’t enjoy being stabbed and was fighting for his life in that hospital so by professing love for her and her crime, you’re being extremely disrespectful. When it comes down to it Yuko was a sick person, and as I said before they didn’t get her in time to save a life. So, if you feel this type of thing is appealing to you, please get the help that she could not get herself.

I’d like to conclude this post by asking for thoughts and prayers from everyone for her poor victim. I’d also like to mention that I am by no means a journalist, so if you would like to learn more about this I will offer some links below of people far more knowledgeable and qualified to talk about this topic than myself.

Japanese Article Link

Next Shark Article

Tokyo Reporter Article

Another Tokyo Reporter Article

Social News Daily Article

6 thoughts on “Yuka Takaoka…A Morbid Otaku Fantasy

  1. I just want to say something to anyone who calls Yuka Takaoka cute or hot. What the hell is wrong with you?! May I remind you that this crazy psychopath almost killed someone and you think she’s cute?! What the actual hell! She deserves a punishment and doesn’t not deserve to be bailed out just because she’s cute. She almost killed a man and you praise her?! Are you blind to not see how wrong that is. Oh and one more thing, I don’t care you like Yuno Gasai or one of those anime yanderes, because it’s not real, this is real life!

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