Kimetsu No Yaiba: An Absolute Masterpiece

I don’t think any of the new spring 2019 animes can beat this gem.


Tanjiro and his family live in a society that never leaves at night, because of rumours about man eating demons and a demon hunter. One day, Tanjiro arrives home to the terrifying scene of all of his family dead aside from his sister who turned into a demon. The arrival of the demon Slayer who is trying to kill his sister adds salt to Tanjiro’s wounds, but the siblings start protecting each other and thus the demon Slayer takes them under his wing. Tanjiro then becomes a demon Slayer with the goal of curing his sister and finding his family’s murderer.

Genre: Action, supernatural, historical, shounen

Episodes: 26

Status: currently Airing

The Hype is Well Deserved

If you’re an anime fan, you’ve most likely seen the immense praise and favoritism the community has shown for Kimetsu no Yaiba this season. People are praising the plot, art, Nezuko, the sound, Nezuko, other characters, and last but not least Nezuko. Yes, I meant to put Nezuko three times; in fact, I believe that Nezuko’s pretty close winning over Chika from last season’s kaguya Sam’s love is war in the war of anime waifus that must be protected. Another character to note is the main character who is actually not annoying and very smart unlike other shounen MCs which makes him very likeable.

The art style of this anime is pretty unique as you can see, and it’s very detailed as well. Another thing to note is that unlike other shounen animes, thus anime details gore and tough scenes to watch (kind of like Promised Neverland). The animators utilize CG effects sometimes, and as much as the anime community tends to detest CG or 3D anime scenes, this anime does it right.

Lastly, I haven’t seen many people mention just how well the voice actors are doing! I’m actually surprised about this, because the voices are honestly not annoying, pleasing to the ears and they match the characters.

This anime is just super great and I would recommend it to most people! It gets exciting the more you watch!

Behold…my favorite character aside from Nezuko lol

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

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