Top Gyaru Anime/Manga Favorites!

A Gyaru is a girl who takes time to doll up and takes care of themselves. Historically Gals used to tan, bleach their hair and wear bright makeup and accessories that make them stand out. Nowadays, Gyaru fashion has become more versatile in the sense that tanning isn’t as necessary, and there are other types of gyarus like ones that use school uniforms as a fashion statement.

Now I don’t know about you but I love alternative fashion and one of my favorite and most interesting one are gals! So, I thought I’d share some anime and manga that feature this wonderful fashion style!

Classic Gyaru

Other Gyaru Types!

Tell Me About It Galko-chan

If you haven’t seen this anime I recommend you open up your preferred device and watch it whenever you can because it’s amazing! The three girls are each supposed to be the stereotypical gyaru, otaku and rich girl types; however, they defy all expectations and are actually great friends. Galko-chan specifically is a gyaru and people have the preconceived notion that she’s basically from another world and is just too into her appearance to be good at anything, but she’s actually friendly and she becomes great friends with those two very different but not really girls! Honestly all the girls in this group are queens but Galko-chan, I have a soft spot for…I just love gyarus, seriously!

Yancha Gal no Anjou-san

This is more of romance manga with a gal and an otaku nerdy boy. It moves pretty slowly and it starts off with Anjou just messing with him, and playing around. As you go on with the manga you’ll see how lovable Anjou is, so I won’t spoil too much. I’m also very partial to timid boy x strong girl couples, and if you are too…this is a must read! Be warned however, this manga has ecchi scenes and although the characters aren’t fully naked or having sex, I wouldn’t recommend reading it with your family.

Peach Girl

First, I am only talking about the anime because I did not read the manga and I don’t really plan to. This is a shoujo anime and our main girl is tan, and for some reason tan=hoe in this anime, but whatever. Anyway, she feel pressured to be the way people expect her to be, but eventually finds her way. This anime is romance, and there is a love triangle…I’ll admit I 100% wanted to punch her love interests but I like the girl so the anime was not all that bad. Basically, if you’re looking for a comedy don’t watch this but if you’re looking for a very thick plot, lots of drama and a cool main character this is for you.

Batsu Gal

One-shots are great, because they get to the point fast so you know I gotta e

Include at least one in here. The MC was asked out by a gyaru in the past as a joke, and so when this flashy one asks him out in the future his trauma causes him to not believe it. The main gal is amazing and there’s probably no reason to not love her, but this one shot ending makes me want more. Otherwise, great story.

Gyaru and Dinosaur

This is a manga that I never thought I needed, but once I found I realized that I definitely did. One day, a gal gets drunk and brings home a pretty cute dinosaur home. Yup, that’s it. It’s a slice of life manga and I want a dinosaur friend too tbh.

Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Wo Suru

A Highschool boy is a loner because his hobby is making dolls, and talking to them; he keeps his hobby hidden because open was made fun of for it in the past. On the other hand, this gyaru legend is openly an otaku and she’s very popular. She discovers his interests and is amazed by his skill. She asks him to help her sew a cosplay because she’s not good at it, and thus their friendship begins. It’s a pretty cute manga, and again…Timid boy x Strong girl is something to love.

Henshin Ganbou!

This is another one shot, but the end is satisfactory. The main guy gives a love letter to the school idol but her gal friend shows up to tell him that she was told to inform him that his crush find these things troublesome. The gal is hella cute, and the story progresses fast. 10/10 wish there was a full on manga version of this but the one shot is pretty well made as well.

So that’s it for the Gyaru theme! What do you think? Are gyarus a cool fashion or too much?

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