In Depth Analysis of ” Galactic Mermaid” by Mermaid Sisters ( Carole & Tuesday)

Not only is this beautiful… it’s legendary!

Ba-da-da, dai

Ba-da-da, dai

Doodle-oo, doo, doo-doo


Now, while this part seems like simple harmony…it is anything but. While the mermaid sisters were doing their introduction, they talked about being neither male nor female because they are genderless. Now, you might look at their group name “Mermaid Sisters” and think that sisters is feminine….but nope nope nope! The first verse is directed at those people, because sisterhood is genderless! They’re in harmony, they’re showing off their sisterhood! Lyrical geniuses I tell you!

Fucking bullshit

Fucking bullshit

Fucking bullshit

Now, the mermaid sisters are referring to people that say they must choose between man or woman. They think that’s fucking bullshit; this shit doesn’t matter. What a beautiful political statement.

Holy shit, oh fucker

Now, this is where things get a little different. In the music video they give a thumbs down once they say that. Now what does this mean? This is hinting that they are saying the judges are the holy shit! Yup, sounds crazy but hear me out. The judges are seen in this superior light almost like god…but one is an AI and the other two never got an introduction saying that they are singers or anything…so how could they understand? Therefore the judges are holy, but they are shit.

Fucking bullshit

Fucking bullshit

We get back to the mermaid sisters telling the world that this shit also doesn’t matter. The judges’ opinions are fucking bullshit as well.

Goddamn bullshit

This time, they’re asking some type of god or higher power to rid the world of this bullshit they have to deal with.

Son of a bitch, what the hell?

A bitch is another word for female dog. Now, which dog are they talking about? That’s right, the AI dog judge. They’re saying this ironically as well, because AIs don’t have parents. It’s a drag, they’re roasting him. Now, why would they? They roast this dog, because they’re so confused as to how this AI dog is judging the contest. Literally nothing the dog has said was special at all, and on top of that he makes the same jokes about not having a soul!!!! So that is why they end it with a “What the hell?”

Oh motherfucker, goddamn bullshit, holy shit (Holy shit)

Oh holy shit, bullshit, goddamn motherfucker (Motherfucker)

Oh fucking bastard, goddamn, fucking shit (Oh fucking shit)

Son of a motherfucking bitch, oh shit

They wrap up the song with a nice wrap up of what they already said before. However, this time it’s special. Look at the parentheses, those are harmonies…they’re hiding it! They’re saying if this keeps going, the world will go to shit. They’re urging the audience to do something about it before their last words become an “oh shit”.

Sung by: Yuuri Kuriyama

It’s so tragic that no one gets them (ಥ﹏ಥ). They did this to save the world…The judges are not intellectuals.

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