Summer 2019 Anime That’ll Take Your Mind Off The Heat

Not sure if you’ve noticed yet…but it’s hot as hell, and a fan is not enough. In true anime fan fashion, I thought the best solution to this damn heat is to distract myself…with anime! Surprise!


I couldn’t find English subs, so here’s Spanish subs lol

Three monsters who look human work as agents of justice in the hopes of becoming human. Apparently several episodes involve them protecting a little boy. The synopsis sounds a little boring, but if you watch the trailer it seems to be exciting and packed with a good storyline.

Air Date: July 8

Genre: Demon, horror, supernatural

Studio: LandQ Studios

Fire Force

In the Solar age of Tokyo, there is a phenomenon called “Spontaneous Human Combustion” which causes the person to become a crazy fire demon. To combat this phenomenon a special firefighting unit called “Special Fire Brigade” is fighting against those human busted people and trying to find a way to end this phenomenon.

These demons/infernal are 1st generation however 2nd and 3rd generations are able to control the fire. Shinra is nicknamed the “Devil’ footprint” because he can ignite his foot by will; he joins the brigade and uncovers the secrets of his family’s death from a mysterious fire 12 years ago.

Air Date: July 6

Genre: Shounen, Action, Sci-fi

Studio: David Production

Taoru Kagaku no Accelerator

In Academy city there are a bunch of espers and their classification is level 0-5; 0 is weak and 5 is the strongest. Out of the millions of residents in the city, only 7 are level 5 and within them the strongest is called “Accelarator”.

He used to live a fairly quiet life until he saved a girl and got dragged into a fight against an organization called “Disciplinary Action”; now he has to protect the little girl and the city from this evil organization.

Air Date: July 12

Genre: Supernatural, School, Fantasy, Superpower

Studio: J.C. Staff

Naka no Hito Enome

Iride Akatsuki plays a game called “ Nakanohito Genome” and one day he unlocks some hidden content which turns out to be a real life game!

He wakes up one day to find out that he has been kidnapped along with other students, and they’re organized by game specialty (ie…Cultivation games, puzzle games etc..). A llama headed teacher gathers them after they clear level 1 to explain how this game works; to get back into the real world they must clear it.

Air Date: July 7

Genre: Game, Drama

Studio: Silver Link

Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru

Sabuka Hibiki has a huge appetite, and she notices her clothes getting tighter. Thus, Sabuka decides to enroll in a gym and meets other girls who support her. It seems like a cute slice of life story, that will inspire watchers to follow their bodybuilding destiny.

Air Date: July 3

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Ecchi

Studio: Doha Kobo

Wasteful Days of Highschool Girl

Tanaka is bored and starts giving out nicknames to her classmates. Sakuchi is a nerd so she is nicknamed “ota”; Saginomiya is nicknamed “Robo” because she has an expressionless face. In retaliation, they nicknamed her “Baka”. A cute comedic anime about friends in Highschool pretty much!

Air Date: July 5

Genre: School, Comedy

Studio: Passione


Several thousand years after a phenomenon where humans turned to stone, a boy named Senku Ishigami awakens (he looks more like a tree than a stone tbh). Senku is very intelligent and science driven, so he decides to save the world using science! He works with his friend Taiju Oki who awakened at the same time to save the world.

Air Date: July 5

Genre: Sci-Fi, Shounen, Adventure

Studio: TMS Entertainment

Weathering With You

*This is a movie*

In an era where the weather is messed up (hello global warming (ʘ‿ʘ) melt me some ice) Morisaki meets a girl by the name of Hina Amano who can make it sunny just by praying.

Air Date: July 19

Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy

Studio: CoMix Wave Films

Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo Yo

A bunch of girls in a Highschool literature club (only Monika (ʘ‿ʘ) ) gather around for a little ice breaker. They go around and ask the question “What’s the one thing you want to do before dying?”, and one girl just says “Sex”. It’s basically a coming of age story lol.

Air Date: July 6

Genre: Drama, School, Shounen

Studio: Lay-Duce

Try Knights

Riku Haruma loves Rugby and used to play it, but quit because of his physique. While entering highschool he notices his peers playing some hardcore rugby, and starts watching. He sees Akira Kariya playing as well, and without thinking gives him advice while he is running. That moment rekindled the fire inside of him and made him realize that he loves Rugby too much to quit.

I have no idea how rugby works, and I doubt this anime will teach me anything. Can’t wait for the dramatic representation of rugby though; maybe a dark past? Who knows!

Air Date: July 31

Genre: Sports, School, Drama, Shoujo

Studio: Gonzo

It’s time to say goodbye to spring 2019 and hello to a new promising season of anime! I definitely learned a huge lesson last season: DO NOT and I mean DO NOT pick up too many anime to watch in one season because it’s hard af to keep up!

The summer 2019 charts are looking quite promising, so I decided to handpick the ones I thought seem to be the best and recommend them. This list will have a lot of titles, but seriously don’t make my mistake and try to watch them all (ಥ﹏ಥ) .

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