Oh! My Intern Webtoon Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Webtoon review even though I probably read an unhealthy amount lol. So I thought I’d share one of the webtoons I’ve been reading lately.


An intern in a company happens to catch the eye of her CEO who also happens to be an ancient demon; both characters are sort of twisted in their own thoughts and ways. How will their interactions affect the other?

Author: Plasticbottru (This is her Instagram she posts amazing artwork on there)

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

# Of chapters: 13

Status: Ongoing

Read Here: Oh! My Intern Webtoon


FIRST OF ALL, THE ART!!! When it comes to reading mangas, webtoons, etc… The first thing that pulls me in and probably most people is the art; clearly, Oh! my intern has no issues when it comes to art and the artists is just clearly talented and hard-working!

I mean the amount of detail here should really show just how talented the author is.

Second, this Webtoon’s premise is exciting honestly. A sexy demon CEO and a cute ass intern (that deserves to be protected at all costs)….What more can I say honestly? In addition, the author adds a lot of unexpected elements that will catch you off guard; neither character is completely bad not completely good and that makes them interesting and not boring.

Another important thing to note is that in our growingly diverse world, this Webtoon is possibly one of the most diverse ones I have read. In fact it would be better describe this webtoon as unique; aside from diversity the characters are also quite realistic in how they are drawn. I mean, look at Marya (the intern and female lead) she’s got eyebags, hyperpigmentation, and acne which I have never seen in a female lead before. To top it off, I honestly think Marya is gorgeous (the author said she based her looks off herself, so damn she must be pretty af ) and I’m glad that a character like her exists because people who may not feel beautiful because of such things may look at her and think “damn, if she can get a sexy CEO so can I” jkjk lol. Basically, just read this webtoon and you’ll get exactly what I mean.

In terms of negatives, honestly none. The only thing that I could probably mention is that I would like to read more chapters, but if anything that’s a positive and the wait time is worth it because the author comes back with quality content.

So, in conclusion I’m serious READ IT! It’s awesome.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/ 5


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