My Favorite Anime “Husbands” That I Get Judged For

I think every single one of them is hot and their roles in the animes are hotter.

Gordon (Black Clover)

First of all, yes I think Marilyn Manson is kinda cute and you know who else I think is cute? Jim Carrey. It’s only natural for me to think a Marilyn Manson and Jim Carrey anime love child is hot. He’s Marilyn Manson when not smiling and Jim Carrey when smiling and I think that’s beautiful. Also he’s adorable with his little mumbles and saying nice things that might make me cringe hard if another character was saying it as much as Gordon. I wish I could see more of him in Black Clover, but I’m thankful for episode 89.

Aoyama (Boku No Hero Academia)

His looks are aight, but I just love his voice and personality. Honestly, his voice actor made a great narcissistic voice for him and I love it. In addition, his little poses and the whole “I sparkle” thing is just great. I am not into narcissists irl but I do love anime characters that act like this.

kirsch ( Black Clover)

Probably not a good gif to show why I shouldn’t be judged, but that line is hilarious.

I like him for the same reason as Aoyama, but he has a nicer face. I seem to have a theme with him and Aoyama lol.

Jack The Ripper (Black Clover)

Honestly, even I think that one is weird. I mean, I don’t like insects AT ALL unless they’re the captain of Green Mantis apparently. I think he’s amusing, and I’d like him to slice up in more episodes of the anime.

Okay, that’s pretty much it! I think I’m starting to see why I’m being judged for this LMAO.

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