Fort of Apocalypse Manga Review


Youshiko Maeda gets framed and convicted of murder, and ends up being sent to Shouran Academy Juvenile Center. He is placed in cell 4 and makes friends with the people there, who happen to have some very interesting stories and pasts. Yoshiko is not used to being a delinquent and although his cell mates aren’t bad, the prison is in a violent power struggle which stresses him out even more.

While all of that struggle is happening in the center, the outside world is facing an even terrible fate: Zombies. The center is away from everything, so they were naturally very shocked when a van full of zombies comes crashing in and wreaks havoc. Will they survive?

Author: Yuu Kuraishi

Genre: Horror, Drama, Action, Shounen, Sci-fi, Thriller

# Of Chapters: 49 (10 volumes)

Status: Completed


This is a must-read for zombie fans! The author is very creative with the way s/he approached the zombie outbreak. I won’t spoil it, but it’s not what you expect. Once I started reading the manga, I could NOT stop! There was just so much to uncover and it became a fast read because of how curious I was to know what’s next, even though it’s a fairly medium length manga.

The characters are presented very well, because although I question their ethics…I was still rooting for them. There is also a lot of character development, and a lot of the characters that you may want to punch in the face will change and you might not want to punch them anymore (well, maybe a light slap).

I think something to watch out for is that there’s a bit of “gore” and gross stuff (not too much) so if you’re easily upset by that I recommend staying away or skipping those parts. In addition, some of the characters’ backstories are very disturbing and sad, which adds to the story but again if you think it will be upsetting for you, skip those parts and focus on the zombies.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5


2 thoughts on “Fort of Apocalypse Manga Review

  1. The plot sounds so fantastic! And the artwork looks incredible too. I’ve never heard of this. Will have to add it to my reading list!

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