Ensemble Stars:The One Anime I Thought I wouldn’t Watch This Season And Yet Here We Are…

If there’s one thing you need to know about my least favorite anime types, it would be any anime that gives me harem vibes or anime that I would think was based off of an otome. Ensemble Stars is technically neither as it is not a harem and it is also based off of a music/rhythm game but I like to judge anime by its cover, and 1 female + a gazillion boys= reverse harem in my mind. However, I took a chance on it. After all, Snowhite was the only girl in a sea of men and that wasn’t a harem so maybe this anime will be the same, right?

This is a CD cover btw…which you can buy from WALMART…who would’ve thought ( click on the photo and it’ll direct you to the link)


A female student is the first one in the producer program at an esteemed performance art high school. Unlike other programs, the idol program is male only, and because there is only one student in the producing department she is put in with the idols ( I’m sure you can see why this screams harem to me). After getting to know some of the idol students, the producing student is exposed to the dark shit going on behind the scenes…aka corrupt student council. I guess no matter where you go, even in a school for performing arts, politicians will always be politicians ( not calling out specific ones, ya girl just hates politics).

Review ( First Episode Only)

I haven’t played the game or read the manga and I have only seen a single episode, so this is more like a first impression thing. My first impression is that this might not be a harem, and it might simply be a regular anime where a group rebels against a corrupt government except the group is a bunch of idol children against corrupt idol student government. In all seriousness, the anime is entertaining.

The only thing I want to note is that in the anime summary on a lot of websites the description uses second person when referring to the female student, as in you would be the student which made me think it would be an anime similar to Makuro Danshi, but it’s actually not so don’t be fooled. The female student has a name and everything which I can’t remember. They did have me fooled again the first episode because she barely talked, but she is definitely her own character. The charm of this anime for me is the plot mostly, and the funny characters who I will probably never remember their names because I remember them by what they remind me of, I’m sorry.

Introducing The Characters ( No spoilers, you won’t get most of it until you watch lol)

A Cannibal
Rebel Leader
A Leprechaun
An elementary school child
A Toddler
He’s just tired
Shy Boi
Sugar Father
The father of the elementary school child

Well, I may have made this perfectly innocent music, comedy, drama anime way more wild than it actually is. I also may have made a whole post on this anime just to show off the hilarious nicknames I came up with for the characters. No regrets.

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