Anime Music To Add To Your Playlist

I am very picky when it comes to anime music, and honestly I usually skip openings and endings when I watch anime. However, sometimes I’ll hear a tune from an anime song and it just sticks, so I figured I would share them today!

Flashback- Miyavi/KenKen (Kokkoku)

Honestly any song by Miyavi is a hit in my book. If you like rock, and especially a really awesome guitar riff. This is the song you NEED to add to your playlist. It has been over a year since I saw Kokkoku and this song is still on repeat.

Touch Off- UVERworld (Promised Neverland)

Really good rock song! It’s a very solid piece, and I think most people would enjoy it.

Kono Yubi Tomare – JUNNA (Kakegurui XX)

This song captured the essence of kakegurui perfectly. The music feels exactly like scamming someone while gambling, which is a terrible thing but not when it’s turned into a song. In conclusion, this has also been on repeat since it came out and it’s not because I want to…I’m as addicted to this song as Yumeko is to gambling, honestly.

Voice In The Dark-Tsuchiya Miki, Shitaya Noriko (Mermaid Melody Pichu Pichi)

This was my favorite song from the whole anime since I was way younger, and it still is a heavily played song on my playlist. The singers did a great job in this one because their voice sounds so strong and powerful. 10/10! Bravo!

Uchuu no kioku- Mayaa Sakamoto (BEM)

Literally the whole reason why this idea for a post came to me is because I heard the opening and loved it! As a wise comment once said “Usually when the op is jazzy, the anime is good…” you are right wise commentor, this anime is good and so is the opening.

Kawauso Iya- Mamoru Miyano, Yoshimasa Hosoya (Sarazanmai)

This song is a cross between old music and idol/pop music, and it works. It’s so weird (just like Sarazanmai) but it works so well!

Life Goes On – Chemistry (Antique Bakery)

This is an instance where the song actually made me want to watch the anime. I am not really a fan of older animations because I really like my anime to be crisp, fresh and HD, but the song was so calming that it intrigued me enough to watch the anime.

Fukashigi no Carte- Asami Seto, Nao Touyama, Atsumi Tanezaki, Maaya Uchida, Yurika Kubo, Inori Minase (Rascal doesn’t dream of bunny girl senpai)

Most of us who have seen this anime love this song a lot! This version is the group version, but there are six other versions for each girl’s story which plays during their arc in the anime. This will probably make more sense if you watch the anime, but the song could be enjoyed regardless!

An Ancient Prayer- Megumi Han (Black Clover)

The character who sings this song is Kahono, and it is a nice lullaby like song. I would say it is soothing enough to make a baby stop crying. The singer did amazing in this track.

Well, that’s pretty much it! I have a lot more songs that I enjoy, so I will most likely make a part 2 in the future. What anime music do you enjoy? Please reccomend some so I could add them to my playlist and we could have a little anime music trade off ヽ(^o^)丿 ! Well, happy listening!

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