Dolls Code (Manga Review)

It totally feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done a manga review, so I thought I would do one about a manga I read recently!


Yuuki Okens wakes up in a car with no memories of his past, and he is told that he will be going to a new school for criminals. He goes to the classroom and finds other students there, each with something of their removed (heart, limbs, brain, head etc…). The teacher tells them that one of the students is a puppet made of all their stolen body parts, and that only one of the students will graduate the program in a week. Of course, the ones who do not graduate will be used to create more puppets and for experiments.

Author: Runamu Kinashi

Genre: Psychological, horror, sci-fi, Seinen

# Of Chapters: 10 chapters (2 volumes)

Status: Completed

Review (no spoilers)

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned this, but I love a good psychological show/manga. I just love it when the characters are being put in a situation where they have to think to survive the obstacles. This manga provides just that! The situation that they are put in is terrible and it’s high stress for them, and oftentimes I have no idea how they will be able to survive and graduate.

The characters are mostly lovable, and most of the characters are justified in the crime they committed so it’s easier to have a bit of empathy. I’ll go ahead and say that one of the characters is in because of rape, and that’s why I say most are justified and not all. They tried to give him a reason for it and justify it a bit, but it just didn’t work. Rape is a joy crime, you don’t do it unless you like it; no justification or background story will help. I’m just saying.

The puppet is a very important part of the story, and honestly while I was reading it I guessed the wrong person as the puppet. It was a pretty good Plot twist at the end. Honestly, this manga is just full of plot twist and surprises.


This manga discussed topics like rape, murder, human experimentation etc…

Note: I know the disclaimer may be annoying to some people, but I just really don’t want someone to open up a manga for enjoyment and be met with an anxiety attack or PTSD. It’d be terrible of me to surprise anyone like that.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Happy reading guys! It’s a very good manga!

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