Try Knights: First Episode Impressions and Review.

A while back I made a post titled Summer 2019 Anime That’ll Take Your Mind Off The Heat and Try Knights was on that list. It was an anime I had great expectations for, so of course I watched the first episode when it came out and now I have some thoughts to share.


Riku Haruma loves Rugby and used to play it, but quit because of his physique. While entering highschool he notices his peers playing some hardcore rugby, and starts watching. He sees Akira Kariya playing as well, and without thinking gives him advice while he is running. That moment rekindled the fire inside of him and made him realize that he loves Rugby too much to quit.

Genre: Sports, Shoujo, Drama, School

Studio: Gonzo

Episodes out: 1

Status: Currently Airing


A good friend of mind told me that anime should be judged by the second or third episode, so today I’d like to give her a tiny apology because I’m judging HARD. I will be breaking my review today because there is a lot to pay attention to.

Animation: The first thing I, and so many other people noticed was how truly shitty the animation was. When I saw the posters, I expected crisp beautiful animation but what was presented was this:

A character that seems to change face shape every few scenes, and a staring scene that lasted an unnecessarily long time.

Some people also pointed out this:

I’m not sure what the budget was for this show, but a sports anime needs to have good animation. Maybe pay animators more money to produce better results?

The Characters: I won’t judge the characters by how they act or what happened because this is the first episode and those things may change. What I will judge is the fact that Riku left Rugby because he is a small human, and yet everyone else is the same size and in some frames Riku even appears larger.

These are the supposed “Beefcakes”, and this is Riku

He isn’t so skinny compared to the rest of the team… It just ruins the whole point of the anime. If the point is that Riku can still make it despite his physical nature, then they should at least make the other characters more muscular or make Riku smaller. For example, in Haikyuu Hinata is a short guy who takes the roll of a tall guy in volleyball and he actually looks shorter than everyone else so it makes sense. Try knights missed the mark on that one, in all honesty.

Plot: The plot is not really that bad. It is a bit boring so far, but that may be because it’s only the first episode. The plot starts off with a flashback, and then it shows the MCs in the classroom, and the action starts once Riku tells Akira how to run. It’s pretty standard, but not really exciting. There was a weird thing about Riku saying that he saw the future when playing Rugby, and it was supposed to be a cool moment but it was funny to me because it was out of nowhere. He never explained his tactics.

I’ll admit this scene was chill as well, but mostly funny.

Riku is into some kinky rugby, I see.

Wrap-Up: Overall, this was an eh. I kept checking to see when the episode would end because it was that boring. I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but I tend to give good reviews, and that is because I like to use my reviews as recommendations on what anime, otome, or manga to enjoy next so I purposely avoid putting things I think are bad on my blog. However, I put this anime on my Summer 2019 list and obviously watching it was not that great.

I won’t give it a rating right now, because I will watch two more episodes of Try Knights and review them before giving a rating. I’m hoping it gets better, but it probably won’t in terms of animation. As of now, I don’t recommend this anime.

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6 thoughts on “Try Knights: First Episode Impressions and Review.

  1. Right, I was considering whether to try this or not given I’ve already got a very full watch list and I think you’ve answered my question. I might later on watch a couple of episodes and do an impressions post but clearly there is no need to hurry to watch this one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel you, my list is also very long so getting one off the list is blissful. It’s pretty bad, I will do some short reviews about the next two episodes and decide whether to drop it or not…but it’s just not good.

      Liked by 1 person

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