Fugitive Desires Otome Review!

It has been a while since I’ve played an Otome! The truth is that many routes in some of the games were getting quite dull or the daily chapters were too short. So let’s say you’re playing a game where you can only read five chapters per day, and if you wanted more you had to pay about $4. Now, why would I pay for 50 seconds of dull reading material?

So, in my search for an Otome, I came across Fugitive Desires.

Plot Summary

MC is walking in the streets and minding her own business and suddenly, she stumbles upon a dead body. MC passes out and is the prime suspect for the murder. How will she prove her innocence while also finding love?


Luke is a detective that believes in your innocence and is hell-bent on proving it, even at the risk of losing his job.

This is Nash, a reporter who happens to be your friend. He will help you gather evidence while doing his utmost best to climb out of the friend-zone.

Rio is another detective who works under Luke, and will help you with the case. He is very confident and will often try to tell you to ” not worry, and that there’s no reason to be jealous”…good for him.


The game doesn’t really have “routes”, it has one common route but your choices will give you an ending with one of the guys. The choices are easy to pick in terms of choosing one of the guys. Basically, my choice was Luke and I got Luke.

The fact that the choices were so easy to choose and that there wasn’t an option to just pick a route and try to end up with that guy was not really to my liking. The reason I did not like that is that this is a game, and having a common route and no bad ending made it feel like I was reading a story rather than playing a game. In a lot of cases, I would pick an option and the game would just maneuver the MC into doing the other “correct” option.

The story is good, but very predictable considering Genius Inc. only draws important characters and makes everyone else a shadow. So you have four characters drawn; all the possible routes and one more guy. It’s very obvious, and there is no suspense. The only time where there was a bit of suspense was when the MC and the guys were sneaking around trying to gather information, but even then you knew you would not get caught no matter what because the game will lead you to the right answer always.

I’m not really counting this as a spoiler considering the game spoils itself

The great thing about the game is that you can get payed things for free! Everyday, you have an option of watching a video and getting 30 points which you can then exchange at the shop for tickets or diamonds which give you premium choices.

In addition, you can do their “mini game” which is basically a slot machine as many times as you want to get points! When you get the points from the slot machine you can then watch a video and multiply the amount by 3. Great feature, and the slot game stops being a game of chance once you get used to it.

Overall, the otome is good but it just feels more like a visual novel. Although there are a few plot twists in the game; overall, it’s just very predictable. I still think many people will be able to enjoy it, and I did as well. I just would not play the other routes because I will be reading the same thing again, just with a different ending.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

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