Artists Who Will Bless Your Eyes

Anime, manga, webtoons, games etc… are all forms of art, and as someone who avidly (excessively) consumes these forms of art, I figured I would introduce some of my personal favorite artists!

Spotlight On Art Bloggers!

I wanted to start off with bloggers because I feel there aren’t simply enough art bloggers on this platform! As of now, I only found two artists and both have quickly become my top favorites!

Th Free Spirit Blog

Clearly their art is amazing, and they even allowed drawing requests! Naturally, I requested Violet Evergarden because I am obsessed with that show!

This is the finished product and I absolutely loved it! This is a blog that you absolutely MUST check out! I even followed them on Instagram just so I can see more of their art (◕‿◕✿).

Soph’s Sketchbook

Yup, beautiful

Once again, the art speaks for itself. I found this blog and I just could not stop admiring their art pieces one by one. I haven’t followed their other social media or know of any, but this is definitely another art blog that I can’t get enough of. Artists are a blessing on this platform, especially to our eyes.

Unfortunately, this is it when it comes to art bloggers (ಥ﹏ಥ). However, I truly hope that you check them out because they are amazing.

The second “platform” that I use to enjoy talented people’s work is Instagram! Thankfully there are a LOT of artists on there.

Here are my favorites!


The artist from this account is honestly amazing, and if you are an anime fan or a Kpop can, she has artwork that caters to you! Every single one of her art looks crisp and pleasing to the eye. Please DO check her out!

Beautiful drawing of Zack from “Angels Of Death”! Great anime btw


I love this one because they try different styles and mediums of art! The artist is also a student, so it’s like following someone’s growth journey! He has also done fanarts from games like League Of Legends! Every single one of his art looks very good!

This is my personal favorite!


Honestly, I knew I would like this account because I like kiwis. I checked out their page and as I thought their art is as amazing as their taste in fruits.

My favorite! Gorgeous omg (◕‿◕✿)


Definitely one of the more known art account, and honestly I am not surprised. Their art truly speaks for itself, and clearly they are very good at what they do.

Can you see how AMAZING????

Well, this is it! I definitely have so many more account that I absolutely love and some that I will discover in the future and love! I hope I was able to get you to find new artists to bless your soul and eyes with.


4 thoughts on “Artists Who Will Bless Your Eyes

  1. OMG Thanks a lot Dark you are awesome I didn’t like it I LOVE IT, thanks for writing about my blog that’s sweet of you to do such a thing.

    I would like to draw anything for you just tell me.
    with love

    Liked by 1 person

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