“Sachi-iro no one room” Manga Review and Commentary

While browsing for a good psychological manga I happened to stumble upon this one, and the premise of it scared me. You see, a long time ago I tried reading the infamous Killing Stalking manhwa but was completely put off by it after reading about 10 chapters. The fact that both graphic novels have the premise of “Stockholm syndrome” made me fear that this manga would be as off-putting as Killing Stalking. However, once I started reading it…I simply couldn’t put it down, and I had a lot to say and a lot to share about this well-put manga.


A 14 year old girl who happened to be abused by her parents, bullied by her classmates, and assaulted by her teacher is kidnapped by her stalker. The news is full of her parents, teachers and classmates crying but of course it’s all fake.

While living with her kidnapped, the girl decides that she wants him to rename her and she becomes “Sachi”. She lives happier days with her kidnapped than she has ever lived and finally learns the meaning of happiness. This manga tells the story of their odd “love” and situation.

Author: Hakuri

Genre: Psychological, Drama, Slice of life, Romance

# Of Chapters: 35

Status: Ongoing

Review/ Commentary ( 🔴 A LITTLE BIT OF SPOILERS!!! BEWARE!!!🔴)

Art: So, first let’s talk about the art. The art is pretty good as you can see, and as much as I want to see the stalker’s face, I get why we don’t see that. Overall great character designs, so no complains about the art at all!

Characters: The most important aspect in this manga and the characters is that everything is not as it seems. I said I would only give a little bit of spoilers, so I can’t go further into this. However, the main characters and their relationship is not as black and white as the summary/synopsis makes it appear to be. Another thing about the characters is that the main girl is apparently 14, which may seem problematic considering it could be safely assumed that he is most definitely older. However, the main guy has not lived the most “normal” of lives and he is very very mysterious so he may not be as old as he seems…plus their relationship is very complicated, and I will leave it at that so as to avoid big spoilers. All you really need to take from this is that the characters are not flat.

Story: Now we get to the fun part: the plot! As I’ve mentioned before, I was very apprehensive about the plot…Stockholm syndrome is not really my cup of tea. However, as the story progresses it turned from a simple slice of life into a very thick plot. As I’ve also said before, everything is really not as it seems. You see this theme in Sachi’s home life, because her family is seen as this perfect family where the couples are still very romantic with each other…but as we know she is abused. A lot of the people who hurt her are very two faced, and ironically the ones who help her are arguably the same but each character will reveal their true face and true intentions in this manga.

Conclusion: All I really need to say is that this is a must read, because as you start getting to know the characters as a reader you become conflicted. The truth is as I went through more chapters, I couldn’t tell what situation would be the best for Sochi and if she would even get it. All I know is that the one who kidnapped her treated her better than anyone else so I don’t blame Sochi for wanting this, but I can’t tell how it will end. Will she stay with there kidnapper? Who knows. It’s a good story, good art, good character…aka. an all around psychological masterpiece.

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/ 5 ( well deserved)

One thought on ““Sachi-iro no one room” Manga Review and Commentary

  1. aww, u didnt like killing stalking? i thought the bum and sangwoo’s relationship got kinda cute overtime 😞 and ofc the very prominent sex scenes were always welcome mmmmm 😋

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