The OVA That Scarred Me For Life: Kyochuu Rettou Anime Review.

I’ve read and watched some ducked up shit in my life, but this OVA takes it to a whole new level and scarred me for life. Also, as if the OVA wasn’t horrid enough I searched around and the manga is apparently even more ducked up…. Here’s my review:


A bunch of highschoolers are stuck on an island and it turns out that this island has massive bugs and insects. Mutsumi is one of the students and knows a lot about wilderness, especially bugs. She uses this knowledge to work together with the other students to survive this island.

Genre: Horror, Ecchi

Studio: Passione

Episodes: 1

Status: Completed

Review and why this scarred my soul

Now, the idea of giant bugs doesn’t really sound bad, and it usually isn’t because it’s perfectly horrific. In addition, the anime is survival horror which I absolutely love. However, the issue is with the route this anime is taking.

First, the ova starts off with the main girl being bullied and told to take off her bra, to which she complied. Naturally, I exited the screen to check if Crunchyroll decided to become a hentai streaming website but I was still watching the anime; then, we suddenly see them on the island stranded. What was the point of that first scene? I have no idea, but it was there and it wasn’t what scarred me (albeit it was quite disturbing).

The ova continues in and suddenly a character gets snatched by those giant bugs, and most of the characters were not trying to help her out until they found out that she has a GPS that they can use, so the characters are mostly full of shit except for Mutsumi (who is currently fully clothed and not being asked to remove her bra).

Now, the characters finally encounter the bugs and see the deaths and oh my god…the characters were being eaten alive by the babies of the bugs and then they threw in some random insect and bug molestation here and there.

So, the ova was supposed to be a small taste of the upcoming full anime and if this is a small portion of the actual story…well that’s just disturbing.

As I started to read more and more about this OVA and where it came from I found out that it has a manga and apparently the manga is even worse (ex: Insects and bugs assaulting the characters).

Why does this exist?

To be fair, they nailed the horror genre.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 (it’s horror)


15 thoughts on “The OVA That Scarred Me For Life: Kyochuu Rettou Anime Review.

  1. Hooboy… The major problem with the comic is that almost everyone is a sex-crazed psychotic moron. The few good side characters die almost immediately. But what’s worse is that there is a sequel to this dreck that is somehow even worse!


  2. where’d you go? 😢 its been a while since uve posted, have u finished try knights? i have some anime recommendations that id love to here ur review on 😋😋😋

    Liked by 1 person

      1. where are u??? 😞 but ill recommend some animes. i recommend super lovers, junjo romantica, given, n6, and ai no kusabi. hope u come back soon!!


  3. The manga is far worse, besides big you have actual rape followed by all participants being raped by bugs. Now I feel like the ecchi side of things isn’t as present in the manga, but boy oh boy are some of the deaths gruesome. Like one chick got split by what looked like a bug Digimon. If you can look past that then the manga is acrually pretty interesting.

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